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Removing someone from a SNAP case plan can be tricky. There are various reasons someone may need to be removed. One reason to remove someone from SNAP cases is due to death. Other reasons are divorce, a member of the household moving out, job choices and families legally separating. Though these are all valid reasons to remove someone from SNAP, the process itself can be tricky.

Removing Someone for Death

If someone on the SNAP file has died, removing them for the case file can be easy. You will need to notify your caseworker first and foremost. The caseworker, depending on the state may ask for several different pieces of paperwork. You may have to bring in the death certificate along with the social security card and identification. Other caseworkers may simply ask that you bring in or fax in a copy of the death certificate. It will depend greatly on the state requirements. However, making the call to the caseworker is the first step to ensure all the proper paperwork is handled. The case will be updated and reevaluated with a letter of benefits sent out within 14 business days in most cases.

Removing Someone Who has Moved

Removing someone who is listed on the case file, but has moved out of the home is a bit more time consuming. You will still need to call the caseworker and find out what paperwork is needed. Once you have provided the necessary paperwork your caseworker will contact you. This may go one of two ways. In some cases the caseworker will simply update the paperwork and file to reflect the change and issue a new benefit letter. In other cases, the caseworker may have someone visit the home to ensure the person has actually moved out. This is an extreme possibility, but it may happen.

Remove Someone Due to Divorce or Legal Separation

Divorce and legal separation will require several steps in order to remove them from the SNAP case file. You will make the same steps as previously mentioned. Calling the caseworker and gathering the right paperwork will be necessary. Once that paperwork has been gathered your caseworker may ask for a letter of legal separation or divorce. You must supply this paperwork for the case to be updated. The next step is generally to have someone come out to the house to make sure that the living situation fits the application. Keep in mind that during this investigation you may have SNAP benefits reduced or discontinued until they find that you still meet qualifications. Once the home visit has been completed, a new benefit letter will be sent.

Each of these cases will allow you to remove someone from the SNAP case. Prepare yourself for a reduction in benefits if the person being removed was counted toward your SNAP benefits award total. If children are involved and a divorce or legal separation has happened you may have benefits reduced or discontinued while it is determined who should remain on the case file and how many recipients are eligible for the SNAP program.


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