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Schwans is a well known name in many neighborhoods. The company carries meats, fish, dairy, snacks, ice cream, and even coffee. Everything you can purchase at your local grocery store is available through Schwans services. The best part about Schwans is their home delivery service. You can place your order online and have the food delivered straight to your door. If you choose this option instead of mail delivery, the company will accept EBT as payment. This is a huge benefit to seniors or individuals who may not have transportation. If you are interested in using Schwans for your food purchases, here are a few things you should consider.

Cost of Food

The cost for using the service is a bit pricey. It will carry a higher cost than your local grocery store. Coupons are available on certain items, but since the food is Schwans brand, there are no manufacturer coupon options available. The average cost of a meal for a family of 4 is around $20 or more. This depends greatly on the type of food you purchase. If you are single or are purchasing for two, then the cost of the food will be less.


Schwans service offers everything you need to create meals. Your drinks, entree, appetizers, snacks, and dessert are all available through the service. If you choose to use the service you will be able to get all of your food in one location. This is a huge benefit to many people who are in rural areas, limited on their store options, or who may have transportation issues. You can even purchase gluten free food products from the service.

Payment Guidelines

Schwans offers services across the country. This does not mean they deliver to your door across the country, at least not exactly. Schwans offers two delivery methods. The first method is through truck to door service. This service will have a driver deliver your food once a month or once every two weeks. The second option is the mail delivery service. This service uses UPS or Fedex to deliver the food directly to your door. Either service is an option, however, only one service allows you to use EBT. If you are strictly using EBT to pay for your food then you must sign up for the truck to door service. You will have to present your EBT card to the driver, be billed on the spot, and possibly show identification to prove the EBT card is yours.

Schwans truck to door service may not be available in some areas. If it is available in your area the benefits are evident. If you have no transportation, poor health, are elderly, or single then this service is a wonderful option. You choose your food, pay for the food, and have it brought to you. You will be paying more, but in essence you are paying for the delivery as well as the food. If you are interested in using this service, contact your local Schwans representative.


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