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Food Stamps


Vegans on SNAP benefits have difficult options and choices to make. Though some of the food is available at a much lower cost than someone who is purchasing food on a non-vegan plan, there are still food options that are costly. How does a vegan maintain a tight benefit budget for a family while still supplying the best food for their family. Here are a few ways that can help you stretch your SNAP benefits while still eating a vegan diet.

Grow Your Own

Yes, you will still need condiments, seasonings and other options for your food. However, if you can grow even a portion of your food you will be able to save a considerable amount of money. Consider all your gardening options for your location. If you are in a large city, consider a window farm or some other indoor gardening options. Hydroponics is fairly popular and will allow you to grow several food items at once. Container and patio gardening is a great option for someone in an apartment, rental, or townhouse. If you own your own land and home, use some of the land for a greenhouse or vegetable garden. You can also grow herbs for seasonings, teas, and side dishes.

Purchase Frozen or Canned

Though you may not want to do it, sometimes the frozen or canned options are best for finances. You can buy them in bulk, store them, and best of all you can find coupons for the items. All these options are there to help you stretch your food budget and benefits. Canned food will of course last longer, but the sodium count may be higher. Try to find organic or other options in your canned food or frozen section to reduce preservatives and sodium counts.

Use Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are a great resource for vegans on SNAP benefits. You can have a wide variety of foods, lower prices, and best of all they are fresh and local. If you aren’t sure where to find farmers markets that accept EBT, look to our article on Farmer’s Markets and SNAP for more information. When you find local markets, you will be able to learn what foods are available and when. This will help you figure out menu plans, meal options, cooking options, and ways to make your SNAP benefits stretch further.

The truth is, if you look around and study your options you will be able to stretch your food benefits farther than most people. You still buy proteins, but they are by far cheaper than meats and fish in most cases. The best thing you can do is research, check out markets, use what you have, and grow what you can. Providing for yourself and your family while living a vegan lifestyle can be easy, rewarding, and fun. Best of all you can use SNAP to help while setting your goal to remove yourself from SNAP when you can.


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