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Food Stamps


There are hundreds of ways that beneficiaries of the food stamp program can make their benefits stretch. The use of coupons, though debated as being an unethical practice for food stamp beneficiaries, is a popular way to stretch out any food stamp benefits. There are other ways such as relying on sales flyers, purchasing in bulk from warehouses and taking advantage of any type of free food program that may be available in the area. The latest method of stretching food stamps is cashing in on drugstore sales.

What are Drugstore Cash In Programs?

The idea of using food stamps to cash in on drugstore sales may seem a bit odd to individuals who are not beneficiaries of the food stamp program. However, beneficiaries of the food stamp program do understand that there are some significant savings and methods that can be taken from cashing in on drugstore sales. For example, drugstores such as CVS and Walgreens have ongoing reward programs. These reward programs mean that if a certain amount of items are purchased, a cash reward card to use on the next purchase is given.

A food stamp beneficiary would be able to go into a drugstore such as CVS, purchase a certain amount of food that is listed within the sales flyer, and gain a cash card to use on their next purchase for nonfood items.

How Does the Cash in Work?

If you take a CVS or other drugstore flyer, you may notice that there are several sales that stipulate purchasing a certain amount of items that will equal a certain amount on a card to be used on the next purchase. The connection between this and food stamps may seem a bit foggy. Here is an example. Let’s say that you are using the latest CVS weekly ad. That weekly ad states that if you purchase $35 or more of certain listed food products, which usually consist of peanut butter and other staples, you will receive a $10 CVS cash card. This cash card can be used on the next purchase for any item within the store.

Since CVS and other drugstores accept EBT food stamps, a beneficiary of the EBT food stamp program can purchase that $35 of food items on their EBT card. When the items are purchased and the transaction is paid for, the sales clerk will give the beneficiary a $10 CVS cash gift card. This cash gift card can be used on the next purchase or can be combined with other cash gift cards from previous purchases to create a larger cash card to purchase things such as diapers, baby supplies, health and beauty supplies or anything that the store carries.

Cashing in on drugstore food stamps is one of the leading ways that many resourceful beneficiaries are finding to stretch not only their monthly budget but also their monthly food stamp budget. They can cash in on sales that lead to drugstore gift cards. They can then turn around and use the gift cards to purchase much-needed items including diapers. This has been a great way for many beneficiaries to make ends meet. Though this option has created some debate, and even debate within the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical drugstore businesses, currently it is one of the leading ways for people to make ends meet when they are unemployed or eligible for food stamps and other government programs.


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