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In a bit of a departure from the usual theme, this post is about all the things to be thankful for, no matter how tough or bleak life may seem.

1. Being Alive

That you’re reading this means you still have a shot at doing whatever you want to do, something a lot of people in this world don’t get anymore.

2. Literacy

Tied in to the first point, being able to read—no matter what your skill or speed—is a skill that’s, unfortunately, not shared by everyone.

3. Farmers

Working in a tiring and often thankless job, farmers put food on our tables, even if getting it is a bit tough sometimes.

4. Past Relationships

By ending a relationship that wasn’t good for you, you’ve allowed yourself to become a bit stronger and more capable of dealing with tough times.

5. Loved Ones

By the same token, the people who are still in your life are there for a reason: they care for you and support you.

6. Laughter

No matter what your situation is or what roll of the dice life has tossed you, there’s always something to laugh over. Always.

7. Nature

Whatever gets thrown at nature hasn’t defeated it (yet). There are always trees that shade, flowers that smell, birds that sing, and a sun that shines. Nature doesn’t mind if you’re grumpy or happy, it’s just there for you.

8. Music

One of life’s simplest yet most powerful treasures, music has the instant ability to transform any mood or atmosphere.

9. Fresh Water

For millions of people in the world, fresh water is an out-of-reach luxury. And while bottled water may make things easier, fresh water is essential to basic life-saving hygiene and, of course, survival.

10. Freedom

In the United States, you get to live without the threat of war on home soil, access to education, lack of slavery, and the right to express yourself.


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