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Food Stamps


The food assistance program has been criticized consistently for its small allowances. There doesn’t seem to be enough, according to the statistics that recently showed Americans on food stamps are getting an average of $1 a day to purchase items at groceries and farmer’s markets. In addition, food stamps can buy seeds, but these are a less immediate option than being able to purchase a healthy diet. And now there are legislators who are trying to limit what you can buy on a food stamp budget. The newest ideas for food stamps don’t seem to allow for a larger budget, though that is directly what’s needed to protect families from hunger.


In some states, the food stamp program is used by 40 percent of residents. In Nevada, a state with the highest unemployment, the numbers are high. Unemployed individuals account for the majority of those who require these benefits, though under most food stamp programs, you must be eligible for work. Those who currently receive food stamps may be surprised by coming budget cuts and proposed cuts for food stamp programs across the United States. That’s why it is important to plan out your grocery items before you go to the store, learning what items are on sale and what items are healthy, yet not expensive.


Critics of the nation’s grocery store pricing can show you how organic, natural and healthier food options are more expensive than junk food and other items rich in high fructose corn syrup and additives. Even when something is low-fat, it may not actually be actually or low in fat at all, because many low-fat products simply create other problems in your body. Those who have studied the food stamp program recommend that you stick to an abundance of natural foods, using lean meats and vegetables as the main items in your diet.


Farmer’s markets are another place to consider when buying food. In some cases, you can get amazing deals on fresh produce without paying the grocery store prices. The tip is to go later on in the day to catch farmers when they’re about to leave. At this time, you can find that farmers want to make money on food that will probably go bad in the next week. However, you also have to consider what you’ll make with this food and ensure that you have the time to prepare this food, so that it doesn’t go bad.


Making the most of your food stamp aid is mostly about budgeting. Food stamps are meant to be supplemental, which means that you still need to purchase some of your food items with your own money. If you create a strict budget, you can find ways to save a bit of money to use for other food items at the end of the month before the next installment of your food stamp funds. Of course, you should be continuing your search for other options and taking advantage of free food from community organizations, Church events and college activities.


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