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Food Stamps


Many people are wondering what the House of Representatives are thinking about in the consideration of the deep cuts that may occur to the food stamp program shortly. Food stamps have worked very well for people for the past several decades. They have helped millions of hungry people of various ages continue living throughout the country without the fear of starvation and have helped to keep the economy active while people used their food money for affording other necessities such as gas or medication. Food stamps provide a steady market for those who deal with farm surplus as well. They support sound nutrition options that are important throughout all stages of life.

Although some people acknowledge that the House claims they will provide states block grants to help make up the difference, it’s not that much of a replacement in terms of the amount of benefits that some people would be losing. Block grants can be shifted from one agency to another. Any state that is experiencing revenue shortfall issues in the consideration of major tax cuts is generally not going to be interested in using the money in the way that it was originally intended, which has been proven to happen previously.

Nutritional programs that are related to the food stamp program and the bill are going to take a substantial hit because of the sequestration. The cuts are said to deny food to pregnant women, women with young children, and infants. This would be one of the most crucial times when access to food and food stamps would be needed because of the importance of development based on having the right nutritional value. This is why it is also a concern to those who have been trying to figure out how they will help to provide for their families or upcoming families which may arrive soon.

Elderly people would be greatly affected because they are also a significant percentage of those who make up the use of the food stamp program. A lot of elderly people use the program because they don’t make enough of a salary on their own to be able to afford proper food and pay for their medical care and their medication. Some of them live with their grandchildren or are taking care of grandchildren based on issues that have happened within their family, so this makes it more challenging for them to be able to afford the costs of living.

Ultimately, there’s no way to predict how the food stamp program is going to be affected based on these types of cuts because there’s not any type of situation where it would affect everyone the same. Everyone’s needs are different and some people are going to experience the hit from the cut more severely than other people. For this reason, there are a lot of food stamp recipients which are hoping that nothing significant will happen if the bill is approved and becomes law, because it will ultimately affect their living situation and their lives for the next decade.


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