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Food Stamps


Farmers markets are becoming increasingly popular across the country. These markets have, in the past, accepted only cash or checks. However, in recent years, the markets have started accepting SNAP benefits. This is usually at markets that have several stalls with one centralized checkout point. You would shop and find the items you want, then at checkout pay with your EBT card for all the items at once. The market handles paying the individual sellers. This takes the hassle out of the equation for the sellers while allowing you to purchase fresh food for your family. Here are a few ways to find markets in your area that are accepting EBT and have year round purchasing options.

SNAP Representative

One of the easiest ways to find local markets who accept SNAP benefits is to ask your case worker. Food stamp case workers will have a list of markets in the area along with lists of food banks, soup kitchens, and other resources. This is the first stop on your way to finding a market in your area. The list should also give you an address, phone number, and hours for the markets.


Though it goes without saying, using a simple web search is a great way to find markets in your area. In fact, many markets will advertise on Facebook, Twitter, and other similar social media platforms. You can like them on Facebook and receive updates on hours, location changes, vendor changes, and sometimes discounts on various items.

Church Groups

Many churches have started offering a farmers market once a week or twice a week depending on the church. You can find a list of local churches that offer this type of market by looking in your local paper or church bulletin. In fact, many churches will have markets on the same day which means you can hit all the markets in one shopping trip with the grocery store being the last stop for meats, fish, and certain dairy items.

Community Centers

Check on the bulletin boards of community centers and senior centers. Often times the markets will put up a small flyer or advertisement letting the community know where they are. You can find out the hours, location, and even vendor information.

Local Farms

Local farms will also advertise when they have or participate in a market. Look for ads in the local paper, online, and with your case worker. Overall, if you are looking for a way to find fresh food and vegetables for your family, then farmers markets are the way to go. Most markets will advertise in a variety of formats to make sure they reach anyone and everyone who wants to show up. Keep an eye out for signs as you are driving or travelling. Some church groups and markets will advertise on the church billboard or with a banner on the front lawn of the building. Make sure to always carry your EBT card with you as well, just in case you see a market open and may not have a chance to come back for awhile.


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