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A key benefit of SNAP for many families is the ability to cover newborn and toddler nutritional needs. Take for example the cost of formula. One quart of formula can cost upwards of $7. This may not seem like a bad price, until you find out that one quart only fills four 8 ounce bottles. Four bottles will last a three month old around 24 hours. That’s $7 a day and you have not even started buying food for the rest of the family. To make benefits stretch and to help the family with other expenses, many stores have started baby rewards programs. If you are not familiar with these programs, here are some quick facts.

What Do Baby Reward Clubs Do?

Baby reward clubs are put in place by grocery stores to help with the costs of formula, foods, snacks, and other baby needs. Some rewards clubs will give parents a discount on all baby items. There are other rewards clubs, such as Winn Dixie, that will give fuel discounts for every $25 of baby items purchased. Some will give coupons, free baby items, or free with purchase items.

How Does a Baby Reward Club Help SNAP Recipients?

This works out in one of three ways. If you have SNAP and participate in a baby rewards club you will receive either a discount on baby food allowing your SNAP benefits to stretch, fuel discounts to help your gas budget stretch, or free baby items or food items with purchases helping your baby budget stretch.

Are There Fees?

Generally speaking there are not any fees associated with most baby rewards clubs. There are certain online clubs such as the Amazon baby club, also referred to as the mom club, that does have a fee with them in the form of an annual fee. For the most part, grocery stores have you sign up and participate in their purchase program portion of the rewards club. In other words, the only fee is purchasing baby items in order to receive the benefits from the club.

Do All Baby Rewards Clubs Accept EBT or SNAP?

Yes. The club is something offered by the store to help customers regardless of their income or SNAP standing. SNAP is for the purchase of food to help with nutrition for low income families. The one has nothing to do with the other in terms of acceptance of benefits for the club.

Regardless of the benefits a baby rewards club has, if you are on SNAP it is worth signing up. With no fees, discounts available, and other benefits the club may not help with food budgets but it will help with other financial issues you may face.


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