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Food Stamps

Louisville Food Stamp Program

The Cabinet of Health and Family Services is responsible for the SNAP plan in Kentucky. This is a food benefit program which is used to provide those who are dealing with a low income or no income at all to be able to afford healthy meals and food on a regular basis. The program is used to provide funds through the use of benefits that are presented on a card that can be used at numerous stores in the area. Individuals are recommended to read about the program at the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services website in order to get more insight into the options. The site is known for providing a large amount of information about resources and other eligible requirements.

Although some people may have a low income, they may not be eligible to receive aid through this program. In example, if you are on strike or if you are not a legal citizen of the country, then you are not going to be eligible for benefits, even if you have been dealing with a low income salary. The application to apply is available at various local family support offices in the area, information about them is linked on this page. You can print and download an application from the main site and fill it out before bringing it in person as well. If you are dealing with an emergency and you do not have any money for food, you may be able to receive aid within the period of a week after you have applied. Those who are have submitted an application will need to participate in an interview in order to determine whether or not they are completely eligible. The interview is used to gain more information. You may be asked to prove your identity and provide proof of your income and residence. It is also requested that individuals should bring any proof of child care, money received within the past 60 days, child support, and proof of assets.

Households that meet the requirements for SNAP are able to receive benefits. A household is defined as any person, family, or group of people who are living together and buy or eat food together within the state of Kentucky. Adult children who are living with their parents and are older than the age of 21 may be able to separately qualify for their food if they prepare it separately from their parents. You can find out about limitations by visiting a local DCBS office or website. If the individual is approved to use this program, they will be provided with an EBT card. This card will provide them with access to benefits on a monthly basis. The main website for family services or nearby offices may be able to provide you with locations of stores which are currently accepting SNAP benefits.

Here is more information where you can apply and access SNAP within the Louisville, Kentucky area.

Helpful Links and Phone Numbers

Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services site – foodstampsebt.htm Local DCBS Offices – Application by County – Local Offices for Louisville – Download Application — 4FDE0101-FE5D-4266-BC03-BF9793252CE1/0/FS1.pdf Check Application Status or EBT Account – Local Snaps Office: 502-564-7050