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Food Stamps

Witchita Food Stamp Program

The Economic and Employment Support Food Assistance program is under the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services in Kansas. This program is part of SNAP and was once known only as the Food Stamp Program. These agencies are used to help support families during their financial hardships and ensure that they are able to have food to eat on a regular basis. The food stamp programs are beneficial to those who are low income families and need to have healthy food to provide to those in their household. Every month, individuals receive benefits on their EBT card. Anyone can apply, though the program is designed to help those who need it the most based on their eligibility requirements. You can learn more about the program and various products that you can purchase, such as seeds, by visiting the Food Assistance Program website.

There are restrictions on who can apply for food stamp benefits within Kansas. If you are not working or if you are working and have a low income job, you may be able to apply. Persons who are living together and buy food together can be eligible, but household members do not have to be related to each other in any way to be considered a household. You can apply though benefits by using the Kansas SRS Online site. The site has a self-assessment tool that helps you to find out if you are qualified for benefits. You will provide general personal information, address, residency, income, social security, and asset information. You can use the resource link to find printable versions of what you need to take to an office if you do not want to apply online. Afterward, you will receive an eligibility interview to gauge your needs. This interview will explore some of the information that you provided on your application and will help to provide the department with more information about your circumstances. You may be asked to provide some documents to verify the information that you have previously provided.

Generally people get denied of benefits based on making too much of an income. If you have a family of five, you cannot have an income over $2171. Household resources have to count towards your eligibility as well. You must note these when you are applying. Deductions are subtracted such as household expenses, work-related expenses, payroll taxes, high shelter expenses, child support, and dependent care expenses. If you are approved, you will receive an EBT card with an approval letter explaining everything you need to know about your benefits. The card can be used at any vendor accepting SNAP benefits. You can call 1-888-369-477 for a list of SNAP retailers in your area.

For more information about accessing SNAP benefits in Witchita, Kansas you can use the following contact information. If you are in desperate need of emergency food services, please follow the link for Food Distribution Programs to find a program in your area. They will help you with food until your SNAP application can be processed.

Helpful Links and Phone Numbers

Food Assistance Program – FoodAssistance.aspx#program%20overview Kansas SRS Online – Resource Link – Food Distribution Programs – Food_Distribution_Programs/FoodDistributionPrograms.aspx Department for Children and Families – Local Snaps Office: 1888-369-4777