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Food Stamps


Food Stamps, Medicaid and WIC

If you are pregnant and qualify for Medicaid you will find out quickly if you also qualify for WIC and Food Stamps. Generally speaking when an individual meets the income criteria and need criteria of Medicaid they will also be eligible for WIC and possibly food stamps. Here are a few things to know about these programs and how they may pertain to you or a loved one.

Medicaid and Food Stamps

It is not required that you accept food stamps, apply for food stamps or discuss food stamp options if you are approved for Medicaid. It is a completely optional choice for anyone on or off Medicaid. However, there are some benefits for pregnant women and families expecting a baby if you are eligible for food stamps. Before turning down food stamps run through your household budget and consider the foods that you will need during the pregnancy. Consider if the budget your household is currently following will manage well without food stamps. If food stamps will help or if they are necessary, then move forward with the process.

WIC and Food Stamps

A common question by mothers who are on Medicaid and WIC is can they be on food stamps at the same time. The answer is yes. If a family, household or pregnant mother is eligible for food stamps they may apply for them and be placed on them should they meet all requirements. Medicaid, WIC and Food Stamps are all available to those in need but do have different criteria depending on the program. If you are already on WIC then you may be eligible for food stamps and you can combine the two. Though many families see this as a hassle other families find that the combined assistance is not only helpful but life changing.

Food Stamp Appointments

Many people become confused when they are on food stamps, WIC and Medicaid. They may feel that the same case worker handles all of their needs. This is not true. If you choose to participate in all three programs you will likely have three different case workers who handle a specific area of your file. For example, you will have a food stamp case worker that only handles your food stamp questions and issues. If you have WIC you will have a case worker that only handles WIC and the same is true for Medicaid.


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