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A friend of mine introduced a money-free weekend into the routine each month. That means that there’s no spending on these days. The opportunity led her to get creative about activities and find things that were free of financial bonds that could get the whole family involved. Food stamps provide the bare essentials but making time to get with your family and enjoy life beyond the dinner table is also important. However, it’s not so easy when living on a budget. That shouldn’t stop you from finding free and fun things to do with your loved ones, particularly when you have the time to get together and it costs you nothing.

1. Local Community Events

Every local community or civic center has events on weekends that should be free. Your town’s calendar may also have a list of these events, such as music festivals, plays, free movies or dinners. Check out your town or local community center’s website for more information on what’s going on and get more involved.

2. Visit a National Park

If you live near any scenic lakes, rivers or nature trails, get your family together for a nature walking tour or river canoe. Some national parks do charge a fee, but others are free to enter for the day or relatively cheap at under $5 per family. This is the perfect way to get outdoors with your family, enjoy scenic views and also get some exercise together.

3. Home Fashion Show

Kids love to play dress up, so why not give them a reason to? Plan a home fashion show event. Kids and parents can get involved, and either make it into a serious affair, themed event or just plain silly extravaganza. Award prizes to the winner like a one-time use for “Not It” to a chore around the house or a coupon for a hug. Things like this cost nothing and bring everyone together for something fun.

4. Visit the Library

Most towns and cities have a public library that has daily events and weekend activities that may involve readings, music, poetry, theater or just interesting discussions. Plays and reading events may be perfect for kids, but bigger musical events and lectures may be great for the whole family. Check out your library’s calendar to see what’s going on.

5. Game Day

Getting outside is one thing but make it into a field day with planned sports activities. These can be serious or just goofy ideas like potato sack jump and three-legged race. You can plan the event with neighbors and even make into a soccer, basketball or football tournament. Sports activities are free and fun and you can find a bunch of city parks with open access to courts and fields.


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