Food Stamps

Virginia Food Stamp Program


The federally funded SNAP program is also the name of the state food stamp program for Virginia. Under the Virginia Department of Social Services, SNAP gives families a way to pay for healthy food and nutrition. Families and individuals use their benefits each month to pay for items at grocery stores and super markets that are on an approved list by the USDA. The Virginia EBT Card is given to families to use like a debit card at these food stores. The card allows transactions to occur safely and cuts down on fraudulent activities. Not everyone is eligible to receive food stamps in Virginia. There are some eligibility guidelines that require some information to show that you have a financial need. However, the SNAP program has helped thousands of individuals and families be able to afford a decent diet and prepare a meal together in their own home. You can find out more information about SNAP by visiting the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Applying for Food Stamps

You may want to use the online screening tool before starting an application. You can find the screening for potential eligibility located here. The prescreening utility gives individuals an idea of what they qualify for and what food assistance they are also eligible to receive. It may be different depending on other financial circumstances, in which case, you still need to talk to a caseworker. Once you file an application, you do talk to a caseworker during a mandatory interview. However, first, you must fill out an application. You can submit an application online by visiting this link. There is some information that you need to finish the application properly, such as your basic details, but also the details of those living in your household. You need to know the names, birth dates and social security numbers of all those persons who live within your home and will be receiving benefits. You may also want to submit a written application. You can download and print an Application for Benefits then turn into your local office of social services. You can find a listing of these offices located here.

Receiving Food Stamps

Eligibility is determined by many factors that include your monthly gross income. If you make over $2,000 a month with four people in your household or less, you may not be eligible to receive benefits. Additionally, if you are a person on strike or a non-U.S. citizen, you can’t receive any benefits. It’s important to utilize the screening tool which will tell you exactly if you are eligible or not if you answer the questions accurately. Those who already receive other aid like TANF and SSI are likely to be able to receive food stamps as well. Once you receive your approval letter, you can use your benefits with the EBT card that is also mailed to you. The card works just like a debit card at any grocery store or super market to buy approved food items.

Finding Food Service Locations

SNAP is the federal name for the food assistance programs. Every state has multiple SNAP locations. In fact, every county should have multiple locations where you can use your card. You can find specific locations near you using the SNAP retailer locator on the federal website. You may contact a local office by looking at the directory for Departments of Social Services by County.



What income do you need to have in order to be eligible for food stamps in Virginia?

Below is an extensive list of the maximum allowable income in order to qualify for food stamps in Virginia as it corresponds with the number of household members.
1 $1,276
2 $1,726
3 $2,177
4 $2,628
5 $3,078
6 $3,529
7 $3,980
8 $4,430
9 $4,881
10 $5,332
11 $5,783
12 $5,234
13 $6,685
14 $7,136
15 $7,587
16 $8,038
17 $8,489
18 $8,940
19 $9,391
20 $9,842

What can you buy with food stamps in Virginia?

In Virginia, you can use your food stamps/EBT card to purchase food at most grocery stores. Your food stamps  do NOT cover any non-food items such as tobacco and alcohol. It also does NOT cover items such as toothpaste, soap, sanitary papers or pet food. There may be different programs available to help you with those necessary purchase that are not food.

When will I receive my benefits?

In Virginia, benefits are added to your EBT card from the 1st to the 9th of every month, based on the last digits of your case number. The schedule is listed below:
If your case number ends in: 0-3,  benefits will be available on the 1st of the month.
If your case number ends in: 4-5, benefits will be available on the 4th of the month.
If your case number ends in: 6-7, benefits will be available on the 7th of the month.
If your case number ends in: 8-9, benefits will be available on the 9th of the month.