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Food Stamps

Philadelphia Food Stamp Program

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare allows for individuals and their families to apply for food assistance and benefits through the COMPASS website, which is linked in the resources section below. The Pennsylvania Food Stamp program is known to provide benefits on a monthly basis to individuals in a low income family or household or unrelated individuals who are living together. Although anyone is allowed to apply, the program is designed only for those who need the most help and assistance. The program is part of the federal SNAP assistance plan. COMPASS allows for individuals to apply for multiple benefits, such as food stamps and other related services. More detailed information about food stamps and related services is readily made available on the COMPASS website.

There are a few restrictions about who can apply and how within the state of Pennsylvania. For example, only the head of household, the spouse of the head of household, or a responsible household member and designated authorized representative can apply for benefits. Individuals can use the COMPASS website to apply for their food stamps benefit. Individuals need make a “My COMPASS” account to access the application or get an update on the status of their application. Those who want to download and print and application can use the link that is provided below. Information such as income, assets, household size, and other related elements must be listed on the application. When the application has been processed, you will be invited for an eligibility interview which will be used to determine your need. You will be asked questions about your current living situation and the information that you provided on your application. You may have to submit documents to verify the claims that you have made.

Single individuals, families, and individuals who are living together are eligible to receive benefits if they are meeting all of the requirements. You will need to be able to prove your identity and your income overall. Your household size is used to determine the amount of benefits that you should receive every month. You should be able to receive benefits if you are making under $2000 a month in income and have around three dependents within your household. This income requirement is lower or higher depending on the amount of people in your household. There is also a limit to the benefits that you can receive; the maximum known amount is $1502 for a household with ten people. When you are approved, you will receive a QUEST card that you can use to access your benefits and use them at locations accepting SNAP. You can find out more about these locations by calling 1-800-692-7462 or using the SNAP retailer locator.

For more information about access SNAP benefits in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area you can use the following contact information.

Helpful Links and Phone Numbers

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Local Snaps Office: 1800-692-7462