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Food Stamps

Minneapolis Food Stamp Program

The Minnesota Food Support and Food Assistance Programs are available to supply emergency cash assistance for households that are struggling to provide food and nutrition for themselves or those who are in the household. There are numerous programs in Minnesota which are used to feed those who are dealing with a low income budget. For more information about these programs, individuals can visit the site for Minnesota Food Support Programs to gain more insight into what they have to offer. Most people will need to use the food support screening tool in order to determine if they will be able to receive benefits or not.

The Minnesota Food Support website recommends that people should contact their local county human services agency for requesting applications or completing interviews on the phone. Local agencies can be found on the NorthStar website. People can also call and request information instead. Downloading a combined application form may be helpful as it allows you to fill out the application ahead of time and then take it into an office. When you have turned in the application, you will be scheduled for an interview, which will determine whether or not you meet the guidelines for the program. This interview is used to gauge your situation and your amount of need for assistance. You may be asked to provide documents to verify the information that you have provided in your application. You may also be asked information about those who are present in your household, such as birthdates and employment information. If you are in an emergency situation, this should be noted during the interview or on your application so that you may receive aid within the next 7 days.

Eligibility is determined by factors such as income, assets, citizenship, and the size of your household. You should reside in Minnesota and be a US citizen. Your income must be at or below the 165% federal poverty level for your area. There is a screening tool which you can use to determine whether or not you will be eligible. The screening tool is also available in several other languages for your convenience. If you have received a Domestic Violence Information Brochure, you will not have an asset limit to factor in to your benefits. This brochure is available at the local county office. If you are approved, you will receive an EBT card with benefits for each month. There is information about how you can use the card and stores supporting SNAP benefits at the SNAP website.

For more information about accessing SNAP benefits in Minneapolis, Minnesota you can use the following contact information. Please remember to use the screening tool to determine eligibility for SNAP prior to filling out the application.

Helpful Links and Phone Numbers

Minnesota Food Support Programs – IdcService=GET_DYNAMIC_CONVERSION& RevisionSelectionMethod=LatestReleased&dDocName=id_002555 Food Support Screening Tools – Local County Human Services – NorthStar Website – az_type=description&subchannel=-536879913&programid=536879800 &sc3=null&sc2=null&id=-8494&agency=NorthStar Combined Application Form – Screening Tool – SNAP –”> Default.htm Minnesota Food Supply Helpline – 1888-711-1151 NorthSTar – 651-431-4050 / 1800-657-3698 Powderhorn Neighborhood Office, 1201 East Lake Street, Minneapolis MN 55407