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Food Stamps

Boston Food Stamp Program

The Massachusetts Food Stamps Program operates on the federal supplemental nutrition program, also known as SNAP. These food stamp programs allow for people with low income to be able to afford food while still being able to pay their bills and their rent. It is often a struggle for low income families to be able to provide healthy meals for everyone in the household due to the challenge of making ends meet. Although there are limitations on who can receive SNAP benefits and how much aid that they can receive, anyone can apply for food stamps. You can learn more about being eligible by reading the information provided on the Massachusetts Food Stamps website.

You should always do a screening before you apply to ensure that you are eligible. There is an eligibility check screening available on the MassResource website. This screening allows you to find out if you are qualifying for any type of cash or food benefits. When you pass, you can apply online through the Virtual Gateway for Food Stamps website. You will need to use some basic information to complete the application. This would include social security numbers and birth dates of everyone in your household, as well as information about yourself and your income. You can stop the application and return to it at any time. When you have finished it, it is reviewed by the Department of Transitional Assistance. You will be contacted by a manager to conduct and interview for more information. The interview is mandatory and confirms the information that you have provided in the application. In most cases, you will need to provide documents and additional information to verify the statements that you have made on your application.

Your household and your income determine whether you will be eligible for benefits. Households are considered to be those who live together, cook together, and eat together. This can include spouses who live together and children under the age of 22 living with their parents, though they are considered to be part of the same household even if they are not preparing their meals together. Some members may be able to get their benefits together on one EBT card. People who are living in elderly housing, a drug or alcohol treatment center, shelter, or group home may also be eligible for benefits. To gain more insight, you should use the eligibility check test. If you are approved, you will receive your EBT card in the mail with your benefits. The benefits are available on a monthly basis. Information can be updated on the MassResource site.

For more information about accessing SNAP benefits in Boston, Massachusetts the following contact information can be used.

Helpful Links and Phone Numbers

Massachusetts Food Stamps – massachusetts_food_stamps_d.html MassResource – Eligibility Screening – EBT Questions – 1800-997-2555 SNAP – 1866-950-FOOD Department of Transitional Assistance 600 Washington Street Boston, MA 02111 Telephone: 1-800-249-2007 TTY: 617-348-5599 Fax: Varies by office Languages: All languages are accommodated either by staff or interpreter services.