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Your Guide To Government Grants

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Government Grants for Different Backgrounds
Government grants are available to residents across the country. Potential recipients may be starting a new initiative like a small business or enrolling in college as a low-income student. Regardless, free government grants exist in various spheres, and qualifying candidates may claim these financial benefits. Government funding aligns with initiatives the country wants to support on a national level, and individuals already participating in these fields may receive compensation.

A federal government grant is awarded to petitioners at no cost to them. However, awardees must maintain specific standards to receive these benefits, such as full-time enrollment. In any case, applying for government funding is a method for receiving financial assistance that is often overlooked. Here are some popular government grant money opportunities.

What are small business grants?
Government grants for small business are available to entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Specifically, these government grants are offered to individuals who are hoping to work in particular fields. For example, the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (SBTT) focus on small businesses that are making strides in the technology and science fields.

However, these are not the only industries that may receive government business grants. Local Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) and local Small Business Administration units offer funding to innovative businesses across the country. Furthermore, specific states and cities also offer grants to small businesses. Examples of these include:

Chicago IncentOvate – This grant specifically caters to cultural projects and initiatives around the city of Chicago.
Miami Mom & Pop Small Business Grant – Miami-Dade businesses who have had their doors open for one year qualify for this program.
Roseburg, Oregon Tourism Grant – Business owners in Roseburg, Oregon qualify for this grant if their establishments promote local tourism.

Are there any government grants for women?
There are government grants available to individuals based on their gender. For example, there are various government grants for women who are pursuing careers in fields that are traditionally dominated by men. This is specifically true in the entrepreneurial field. As a result, there are several start up business grants that are only available to women.

One of the largest small business grants for women is the InnovateHER Challenge. This competition is sponsored by the Small Business Administration, and it is held annually. In order to win this challenge and collect one of the various cash prizes, competitors must be producing a product or service that directly helps women.

What government funding is available to college students?
Finding the right federal government grant can save qualifying college students thousands of dollars each year they are in school. The United States Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid office is responsible for administering these grants. Unlike scholarships, this government grant money is awarded based on need rather than skill or merit.

There are several types of government funding opportunities for students. However, the most widely-utilized government funding program is the Federal Pell Grant. The Federal Pell Grant is available to undergraduate students who are pursuing their bachelor’s degrees. Students are not required to repay this free government money upon graduation, which makes these grants different from a loan. In order to apply, candidates must submit their completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before the national deadline. Moreover, grant awards vary depending on each applicant’s needs.