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Food Stamps

Miami Food Stamp Program

The ACCESS program is known for providing the funds for the food stamp program in Florida. This is provided under the Department of Children and Families for the state. Individuals who want to participate in this program must create an account on the ACCESS website which is linked on this page. The website provides access to a variety of different resources and also a pre-screening tool that helps to determine whether or not you will be eligible for various types of programs. You can also create an account that will allow you to track your application status and learn more about your current benefits. The site can be used to keep track of your benefits via your EBT card as well.

In order to apply for benefits online, you must register on the site. The registration takes only a few minutes and just requires a few contact details and your social security number. When you have registered, you can apply for numerous programs, one of them being the food stamp program. You will need to provide general information about yourself, such as your social security number, contact information, financial information, and other related facts. You will also need to provide information about your expenses, sources of income, and anyone who may be living with you in your household at the time. When you have applied, you will receive a follow up interview which will be used to determine more information about your income and your financial need.

Whether or not you will be approved will depend on your income and how many people are present in your household. Using the pre-screening tool can provide you with some insight into your chances for being able to participate in the program. You must have low income and show financial need in order to be eligible for this program. However, everything varies on a case by case basis. If you are approved, you should receive your benefits on an EBT card every month. The first month will be accompanied with your decision letter which explains your benefits and what you can expect every month. Those who are approved can use the ACCESS website and their account there to keep track of the benefits that they have received, including information such as their balance and when their next benefits will be released for use in the following month. The benefits can be used at any location that accepts SNAP benefits.

For more information about receiving SNAP benefits in Miami, Florida you can use the following links and contact information. Once you have received your SNAP card, you can track activity and your balance through the online EBT tracking service listed below. If you are in need of other services handled by the welfare office, such as emergency medical and health services, you may locate the services through the service center link found below.

Helpful Links and Phone Numbers

ACCESS Website – Track EBT Activity – access-florida-food-medical-assistance-cash/welcome-ebt Locate A Service Center – 1-866-76ACCESS 11241 SW 184th St, Miami, FL 33157 (305) 378-5825