Food Stamps


After a nasty divorce, Ashley Tyner who was at the time broke and pregnant, decided she needed a major change in her life.  Packing up everything she knew and loved in California she moved to New York City effectively putting as much distance between herself and her previous life as possible.

While life was good for Ashley in NYC there was still things she missed about her time in California: Namely fresh and healthy produce.  She knew she wasn’t the only one feeling the same loss and she quickly raised to the challenge by opening Farmbox Direct, a monthly subscription box of great organic fruits, veggies, and cheeses.

How did she get on this page?  Well in her word words “My daughter being a self proclaimed vegan at age one! She would never eat meat, so I had to source the best organic produce I could find, which I learned quickly in NYC was not an easy task. I went to a lot of farmers markets and began talking to the vendors and learned that produce may be local, but not organic. I realized there was a true need for this service for other busy working moms like myself.”


People used to ask her what she would do if her business took off or ask her if she could survive the entrepenuership lifestyle and her response was simple and beautiful:

“I’ve been on food stamps while pregnant” and if she can do that she could do anything!


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