Food Stamps


Living week to week working to support yourself and your family with only a small allotted amount of food stamps can be extremely tough. But with these tips, you can learn how to make the most out of your food stamps to stretch their worth and get the most food for your stamps. Don’t go hungry again with these tips.

Meal Plan

The best way to ensure that you use all of your food without letting any go to waste is to plan out your meals. By scheduling out all the meals you intend to make for the month, you can make a clear list of what to buy and make sure that it all gets used. With meal planning you can make sure that you schedule meals to use all of your ingredients and your leftovers in the most efficient manner. You can even prepare your meals in advance. If you do this you can make all of the meals for the month, and freeze them. This can help you to make healthier meals, can save you time later on, and can ensure that you bought enough food for the month. If making your food stamps last the month is your hardest struggle, then meal planning might be the best solution for you.

Cut the Meat

Yes, protein is a necessary part of your daily diet, but meat is not necessarily something you should eat daily, especially not on a budget. With food stamps, your funds for grocery shopping are limited. But meat can be quite expensive. If you are looking to save some of your food stamps to make them last longer and get more for your stamps, you may want to consider cutting down the amount of meat you buy each month. Instead of buying meat, you can invest in more beans, veggies, peanut butter and other grocery items that are packed with protein. This way you can still supply your family with the protein they need for a healthy diet and lifestyle, but at a fraction of the price of meat. Cutting down the amount of meat eaten each week can also improve one’s diet by helping them to lose weight, cut fat and cholesterol, and even lower blood pressure. Say yes to a happy, healthy, and satisfied family by saying no to meat.

Make a List – And Stick to It!

You might already go to the store with a general idea of what you plan to purchase, but how often do you actually stick to the list? Next time you go grocery shopping, make a strict list of all the items you need to make meals for the week or month, and don’t stray from it. This way, you will buy everything you need, and nothing else. While you may be tempted to get the $2 bag of chips or the $1 Coke by the checkout, you’ll be better off without it, and you’ll save the food stamps to spend on more fulfilling food for your family.

Buy in Bulk

Sometimes it seems easier to buy one package of macaroni and cheese or meat sauce to use for one meal, but that can be an easy way to lose some extra dough in the long run. Instead, try to save up and buy your products in bulk. Buying items like rice, noodles, sauce and other non-perishable items in bulk can be more cost-efficient and can save you money to spend on other items. While it may take more planning and saving to spend a bit more at once to buy in bulk, it will be much cheaper in the long run, and you’ll be able to get more food for less.

Don’t go hungry at the end of the month; spend your food stamps wisely with these tips to help you make the most of what you’ve got.


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