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Food Stamps


There are monthly food stamp allotments that indicate the maximum amount that Is allowed for families. The number depends on the people in the household, your income, whether you are on unemployment and if you are currently looking for a job. These factors will help you get the most out of food stamps. You can find that all food stamp programs have a state website where you can check information. However, you can also simply call a department office if you are having any trouble or questions.


Most food stamp programs switched over to SNAP a few years ago. The stigma placed on “food stamps” in addition to the problem that there are no longer any stamps, since food stamps are now delivered through a card. Every state has a different allowance. Therefore, these numbers are only approximate.



    • If you have 1 person living in your home, then you will have a maximum of $200 per month for food stamps.


    • For 2 people, it’s $367 on average per household for the maximum allowance.


    • For 3 people, the amount is $526 per household.


    • For 4 people, the amount is $668 per household.


    • For 5 people, the amount is $793 per household.


    • For 6 people, the amount is $952 per household.


    • For 7 people, the amount is $1052 per household.


    • For 8 people, the amount is $1202 per household.


    • Each additional person adds $150.



These are the maximum amounts set by Supplemental Nutritional Assitance Program estimated per state. It will actually depend on your net monthly income when you get the final amount. The household net income is the total countable income minus certain allowed deductions. The allowed deductions will include a standard deduction, an earned income deduction, and deductions for medical expenses if you are elderly or disabled. Dependent care, shelter costs and child support payments are also considered to be standard deductions.


The amount of SNAP food stamps is approximately only 30 percent of your income. A household with four who has a net monthly income of $900 should get a food stamp allotment of about $398 per month. However, the maximum allotment for a household size of 4 is $668. So the number is calculated by subtracting the 30 percent, which is $270, leaving only $398 for the month.


The minimum benefits for two members is only $16 per month. There are other benefits. People who do receive SNAP may also be eligible for discount rates on utility bills and telephone services. SNAP food stamp households are also enrolled in utility discount rate programs. You should check your utility bills to make sure that you are getting the discount rate. When you apply for SNAP, you can also register to vote at the same time.


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