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Food Stamps


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If you are not already joining in the advocacy for SNAP and food stamps for Americans, then you should consider getting into this effort. Through organizations like FRAC (Food Research and Action Center), you can read about what is being changed to the food stamp program and how Americans can prevent devastating cuts to one of the nation’s best assistance programs. Here are some different food stamp advocacy groups that can get you started in the right direction.


This is by far the largest and most abundant community dedicated to protecting federal food nutrition programs. You can find a bunch of information through FRAC’s Legislative Action Center, including the current news on the April 26th vote to pass cuts on food stamps and sample letters to Senate and House representatives from those in the advocacy group who want to prevent dramatic cuts to SNAP. FRAC largely supports strengthening and protecting SNAP. The letters on the site can give you a better idea of how to write your Congressman but also will give you statistics on how SNAP and food stamps actually promote a better economy, another reason why cutting the program won’t help. Go to to join the effort.

The Food Bank

Chances are there’s a food bank in your town, city or county that you can get involved with. These are great resources for information and allow you to bond with others who are fighting to end hunger in your community. There’s multiple ways you can help this amazing organization and advocate for food stamps. You can donate to The Food Bank either through their website or by visiting in person. You can also volunteer with the organization, lending a helping hand, or you can also go to their website to get a list of elected officials to send a letter to in advocacy for food stamps. Check out to find out more information and see if there’s a local group near you.

State Advocacy Groups

There are also advocacy groups by state, such as Pennsylvania’s Coalition Against Hunger or Coalition of California Welfare Rights Organization. These groups can give you more local and state information and how to write to your state’s House and Senate members to prevent further cuts from food stamps. One way to get in touch with these advocacy groups is just by calling your local food bank or searching “[your state] food stamp advocacy” or “food stamp rights [your state]” in any popular search engine. These sites can provide you with printable letters to send to your Congress and more information on the food stamp fight in your own state.


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