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The farmer’s market nutrition program is giving away $20 in vouches for fresh produce. Low-income older adults, women, infants and children who are a part of WIC can use the vouchers to purchase local and fresh produce at farmer’s markets in Pennsylvania. In addition, the Agriculture Secretary George Greig, Aging Secretary Brian Duke and Health Secretary Dr. Eli Avilia also joined the U.S. Department of Agriculture undersecretary of Food Nutrition and Consumer Services Dr. Janey Thornton to kick off the Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program at the Lancaster Central Market in Pennsylvania .

“Pennsylvania is proud of its active role in the Farmers Market Nutrition Program, which provides needed access to fresh, wholesome local foods,” said Greig. “The program benefits all involved, from the individuals who purchase food to the farmers who raised it to the communities they live in. I encourage anyone eligible for the program to take advantage of it and enjoy a taste of Pennsylvania this summer.”

There are only a few states that are offering state funding for the program in addition to federal grants, which means that the costs are fully covered. The state is contributing $2 million to the $5.7 billion program. However, there are some amazing benefits that are allowing participants to eat healthier and contribute to local communities.

“Eating nutritious food is a vital part of staying healthy,” said Duke. “The Farmers Market Nutrition Program helps older adults purchase fresh produce from farmers markets that is part of a well-rounded diet.”

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program provides low-income older adults with four vouchers that total $20 and can be exchanged for vegetables and fruits grown in Pennsylvania. The funds cannot be used for anything else, such as processed foods or baked goods, or on citrus or tropical fruits, however.

Statewide, there are 194 farmers markets and 1,195 roadside farm stands that are participating in this new program, which will go from June 1st to November 30th. Residents can contact a local agency for aging or WIC to get the vouchers.


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