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Food Stamps


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Filling Out a Food Stamp Application Online

Several states have started new endeavors to offer food stamp applications online. This has streamlined the process and allowed eligible recipients to fill out the application without having an appointment. This step has also allowed case workers some breathing room for appointments and to eliminate unnecessary appointments for individuals who may not, in fact, be eligible for the program. Though filing a food stamp application out online may seem easy, there are a few things individuals should remember.

SNAP Eligibility

Before you or your family member fills out the food stamp application for your state, you should first check with the SNAP eligibility tool online. This tool will walk you through the process of the application and will help determine if you or your family is eligible for the SNAP food stamp program. The program will estimate the amount your family may be eligible for and let you know immediately if you are not eligible due to income or other issues.

All Income Counts

In the food stamp application process you will not only be asked about your income, but you will also be asked about the income of all household members. It is vital to obtain the income amounts, add them up and make sure they are as accurate as possible. If you leave out a household member, their income or you do not report income you may be denied food stamps or held on welfare fraud charges.


You will still have to attend a face to face appointment for your food stamps to be approved. The online application allows you to skip an initial appointment and visiting the office for the application itself. The application will be sent to a case worker who will review your food stamp application and determine if there is further paperwork required. Usually proof of income, residency and some form of lease agreement with your landlord will be required at the time of your first appointment.


Reapplying or recertification appointments will still be required when your original allotted timeframe to receive food stamps has expired. This may be in six months, nine months or some other duration depending on your state and sometimes local county offices. You will be required to complete these appointments in office with only a few states allowing recertification through the mail or online.


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