Food Stamps


It is amazing how much less expensive foods are that are not nutritious. You can buy pre-packaged dinners that are full of additives and have little true nutritional value for much less money than you could buy the ingredients and make that same meal yourself. You would think that having to have all the processing, cooking and packaging would cost more for the company than just selling something fresh. If you have been struggling to buy groceries, so have had to resort to cheaper foods, now that you have food stamps, start buying better food and improve your family’s health.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

You would be surprised at how much better fresh fruits and vegetables taste than canned or frozen. If you have always had a hard time getting your children to eat their veggies, getting fresh might be the answer. Instead of some bland, mushy food, they will get something crisp and full of flavor. You might not even have to cook all the veggies and they will love them. Carrots, celery, broccoli and many others can be placed on a plate with some dip and eaten raw. As for fruits, without the added sugars and syrups, you will be amazed at what they actually taste like. Some children have no idea what an actual peach or apricot tastes like, they have only ever had canned versions.

Fresh Meats

Everyone knows how much better a steak is that has never been frozen. All meats are this way. If you are only buying enough food to get through the week, try keeping your meats in the refrigerator instead of the freezer. You may also consider making a second trip in the week for your meats, buying half the first part of the week and then getting the rest later on. This can also be done for fresh fruits and vegetables to keep them from going bad before they are eaten.


Instead of buying a pre-packaged rice dish, buy regular white, brown or while rice and prepare it the way you want. It is simple enough to make the exact same side-dishes as the boxes, it just costs a bit more and takes a bit more time. You won’t have the added preservatives and such. Instead of having bits of freeze-dried vegetables, you can have nice pieces of fresh ones. The taste will be much better and it is better for you. It can be tempting to buy prepared foods when you are busy all day and do not feel like cooking. Do not give into the temptation, your family’s health depends on it.


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