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Food Stamps


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It used to take a trip to the state welfare office to pick up and fill out an application, a few days to gather all the required documents they tell you to gather and a wait of a week or two before you could be seen by a social worker. Then, you had to wait up to 45 days before you found out if you were going to receive any food stamps or not. Many people, who could really use the help, did not have the time or patience to jump through the hoops only to be turned down or have to reapply because something was not done right. Thing have changed, the process is easier and faster now.

Applying Online

Many states now give residents the option of applying for food stamps online. This not only save the initial trip to get an application, which could take hours, it also puts everything right into the system. If you have a scanner, you can even can the required documents and attach them to your initial application. If you do not have a computer and scanner, most offices have a room or two set up so you can go there and apply.

Telephone Meeting

Instead of making you go into the office for a face-to-face meeting, it can be done over the phone now in some states. Your case worker will call you to verify all the information and let you know if there is any other paperwork needed to complete the process. It will be emailed or mailed to you and you can return it by quickly dropping it at the office of sending it back in the email.

Everything Stays in Your Record Permanently

It used to be that every time you needed to reapply for benefits, you had to go through the same procedure and bring in the same documents. Now, everything stays right in your file and you only need to bring in documentation if something changes. After your initial application, it is much easier to reapply and keep your benefits without a time lapse. If you are in need, you should have no trouble applying and receiving food stamp benefits. Get to a computer and go to your state’s welfare page to see how much they have stream-lined the process. Your family deserves to eat healthy foods and not feel hungry. Make things easy on yourself and lose some of the stress over keeping everything going in your home.


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