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Food Stamps


For people dealing with financial struggles, food stamps are available which help buy food essentials like meat, dairy products, cereal, peanut butter, fruits, vegetables, and seeds to grow your own produce. However, applying for the benefits can take weeks to be approved and receive your EBT which has benefits loaded on it. The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) also offers emergency food stamps to individuals or families in a severe financial bind that can’t wait until they are approved for SNAP for proper nutrition.

Eligibility Requirements

Like other federal assistance programs, you must fit certain eligibility criteria in order to be approved for and receive food stamps. You can find out the exact criteria by contacting your social Department of Social Services office or Department of Health and Human Services. Common criteria for eligibility includes being considered low income compared to how many people are in your home, if you’re pregnant or have children, your citizen status, whether or not you have a disability, your age, and other criteria.

Applying for Emergency Food Stamps

To apply for emergency food stamps, you will need to fill out the same application people fill out for regular food stamps. This will get you assigned to a caseworker who will interview you. During the interview, inform the caseworker of your dire need to get food stamps immediately. You can apply for food stamps in person, by mail, by fax, by phone, or online. Most people will apply online but you might get assigned to a caseworker faster if you go into the Department of Health and Human Services office in your county. For emergency food stamps, you shouldn’t have to wait longer than 7 days. If this is still too long for you, inform the caseworker and in some cases they can rush your application and approval.

Additional Information

Emergency food stamps are not the same as getting continued food stamps every month. You can get them faster but they will only be good for one month. If you are still struggling after the first month, you should contact your caseworker and apply for traditional SNAP benefits. They may be able to go based on your initial application for food stamps. If you are denied benefits, you can appeal it with your state social services or health and human services department. Keep in mind there are often more strict requirements for emergency food stamps, such as making a very low income and owing more in rent or mortgage and utility bills than what you get for your income.


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