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Food Stamps


With a full family to feed on a matter of food stamps, getting through the end of the month can be hard. But don’t fret it; we’ve got some ideas to help you make it through on a small budget. Here are 5 delicious family meals to make under $5, to sustain and nurture your family, even when funds are running low.

Homemade Pizza

To make a tasty and cheap pizza right in your own kitchen, you just need some simple ingredients that you can get without breaking the budget. Odds are, many of these things are already found in your cabinet!


Water, yeast, flour, a dash of sugar and salt, oil, a sprinkle of Italian spices, pizza sauce, cheese. Then add your choice of toppings. Veggies like onions and peppers tend to be the cheapest, and can be found in the frozen section to get more for your money. But if you want, you can still find meat like pepperoni or sausage for just a bit more. A little yeast and flour can go a long way, and you can likely make two large pizzas under $5 for the whole family to enjoy. Perfect for a Friday night in with the family.

Hearty Chili

On a chilly winter day, nothing warms you up better than a bowlful of hot chili. It’s a filling meal that can serve a family, and fill them up without a need for seconds. This hearty chili recipe will give you enough food for a large family, and perhaps even seconds. Make this delicious chili and dig in, or freeze it for a cold winter night.


water, can of tomato soup, ½ pound of hamburger meat, beans of your choice, chili powder, garlic powder, and other spices to taste, like salt and pepper.

Turkey Joes

Hamburger meat can be quite costly. So when you need to use a bit more to make a meal, make the easy switch to ground turkey meat. Ground turkey tends to be cheaper and is much healthier and leaner than ground beef. If you think it will be less tasty, try it in a big fat sloppy joe. Bet you can’t taste the turkey when it’s covered in the delicious sauce. For a quick and easy meal that is under $5, make some mouthwatering turkey joes-the family will be coming back for seconds!


ground turkey, a can of sloppy joes, hamburger buns or bread, and salt and pepper to taste.

Tomato soup and Grilled Cheese

Who doesn’t love the classic tomato soup and grilled cheese? It’s a childhood classic meal that no one ever grows out of loving. Treat your family to a warm sandwich and bowl of soup on a chilly winter night, and you’ll be sure to see nothing but smiles.


Large can of tomato soup, loaf of white or wheat bread, American cheese slices. To add something different, buy one tomato to slice and grill in your sandwich. A fun twist on the classic grilled cheese.

Chicken Tacos

With limited options to make on a budget, it can be hard to find variety in your meals. But with this tasty taco recipe you can mix it up and cross the border for a delectable dinner the family will crave. Don’t worry, it’s so cheap, you won’t have to skimp or wait to make it again!


Chicken breast, one can of Rotel tomatoes, taco seasoning, and tortillas. Yes, it can be that easy and cheap to make a delicious taco.

These 5 meals can all be made for under $5, and will keep a family satisfied. Living with food stamps can be hard, but there are plenty of ways to make it work with a little creativity.


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