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Food Stamps


Times are tough everywhere. Food costs are rising every week. Trying to make sure you family has enough food and that the food is healthy and nutritious requires money. If you find you cannot afford to pay your normal living expenses, housing and utilities and still buy good food, you need to apply for food stamps. This benefit will allow you to properly feed your family without letting your other bills get behind. While you may not receive enough food stamps to buy all the food your family needs each month, you can stretch that amount is you shop wisely with what you do have.

Make a Grocery List

Every week, plan your meals and make a list of what you need to prepare them. This way, you know what it is you need to buy. Going to the store without a list is just asking you to spend all your benefit in the first week and leave you with nothing for the rest of the month. To get the most out of your stamps, you need to only buy what you need and will use. Overbuying will cause you to waste food; it will either spoil before it gets used or you will make too much and no one will eat it so you will throw it away.

Read the Ads

Once you know what it is you need to buy, read the weekly flyers and see who has what you need on sale. You do not want to have to drive far away unless the sale price is going to offset the price of getting there and back. On your list, annotate which at which store you are going to buy the item and the price. If you happen to see a better price at a different store, buy it there.

Use Coupons

Look for store specific coupons and for manufacturer’s coupons. Some stores will honor another’s coupons or sale prices, be aware of that and use it to your advantage. If one location will double certain ones, be sure to use them appropriately. Make sure you are only using them for things you need though; do not buy something that was not on your list simply because it has a coupon.

Buy Sale Items if you have the Storage and Will Use Them

Too many people buy something on sale simply because they feel they are saving money. If you cannot possible store four large turkeys in your freezer until you can roast them, why try? There is no sense in buying up 10 pounds of kale if no one in the family really lies it except you. It will rot before you use it all. You want to get the most use out of your stamps.



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