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Food Stamps


From produce, to meat and other food items, food stamps cover a lot of your daily diet. In fact, they should be able to cover most of your suggested daily diet, and provide well rounded meals for you and your family, if used correctly. Yet food stamps still allow people to purchase some ironic items. Here are just a few of the unexpected items that people can purchase with food stamps:

K Cups

While coffee certainly is an acceptable item to buy with food stamps, it can come as a shock that k cups are on the list as well. While k cups are simply small, individual cups of coffee, they can be quite expensive. K cups are typically much more expensive than ground coffee. Now with k cups, not only are the cups expensive, but so are the k cup machines. While coffee makers come in various sizes, and prices, there is typically a cheap, inexpensive one available that can make a simple cup of coffee. With k cup makers, that’s not the case. K cups has a variety of luxury coffee makers that are around $100 and up. These machines are quite expensive and cannot be bought with food stamps. So it is ironic, knowing that k cups can be purchased with food stamps.

Taco Bell

Most restaurants do not accept food stamps. Eating out tends to be considered a luxury, and can often be more expensive than buying and preparing meals for yourself, so spending food stamps out seems like a waste of money. However, many Taco Bells across the country have begun to accept food stamps. Their cheap food can be a nice treat to eat out for a family on food stamps, without spending too much.


Lobster is one of the most expensive food dishes on any restaurant menu, and in grocery stores alike. Most people do not eat lobster very often due to its lofty prices. To think that lobster can be bought with food stamps seems quite silly. While many middle-class Americans rarely indulge in this expensive delicacy, why would people waste their food stamps on such a thing? Smart people on food stamps know how to stretch them and use them wisely.


With the many restrictions on food stamps, somehow candy still made it on the list. While most people should make sure they are buying healthy and filling meals to feed their family, sometimes a little candy here and there can be a nice treat. Obviously, candy should be bought in moderation, and real nutrition should take priority, but a little extra splurge on a candy bar to split isn’t too bad.

Energy Drinks

Caffeine makes the world go round. But energy drinks can be high in sugar, addicting, and expensive. While energy drinks and soda are able to be purchased with food stamps, whether or not they should be bought at all is the question. These drinks have been linked to many health complications, and are not recommended. However, many people feel they need to include these drinks as a part of their daily diets. While these are available to those with food stamps, their health benefits are questionable to the entire population.

Living off food stamps can be hard, but sustaining a family and keeping them healthy and full is possible by making the right decisions. While these items can be purchased with food stamps, actually purchasing them should be limited or off-limits in your budget. These items are not necessary parts of a healthy diet, and are simply luxuries your family can go without. Living on food stamps is about prioritizing the health of your family, and purchasing what you need, over what you want.


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