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Snacks are an essential part of making it through the day at work or school. However, you don’t have to stop at McDonald’s or the coffee shop to get what you need to make it through the day. There are plenty of healthier alternatives that will make it simpler and even more cost effective to eat something good when you need a break. Whether you have a family of hungry mouths who need something in between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, or you want something healthy to munch on at work, all of these snacks are made with the heart and body in mind and they cost less than $1.

1. Pumpkin Seeds, Nut Mixes and All Bran Cereal

If you love to munch on the crunchy, salty stuff, you can find that pumpkin seeds are one of the saltier snacks and you can easily make two weeks of snacks with just one pumpkin full of seeds. In addition, nuts when bought wholesale can be combined to make amazing mixes for energy or a shot of protein. All bran cereal can be mixed with fruit or yogurt to create a tasty treat in the morning.

2. Fresh Fruit

In most places, fresh fruit that’s in season won’t cost you a whole lot. Grapes, apples and bananas are particularly cheap. If you want to go for something cheaper, try frozen vegetables which can last for weeks and make you plenty of smoothie snacks that are healthy and can last you from breakfast to lunch.

3. Raw Veggies

Raw carrots and broccoli can be amazing snacks when paired with mango and ranch dressings. Cherry tomatoes are another vegetable easily popped like chocolate if you love salty and sweet. Combining raw vegetables with cut cheese cubes can also be a cheap snack on the savory side.

4. Popcorn Everything

There’s all types of popcorn out there, but the naturally popped popcorn can be mixed with garlic, cinnamon, vanilla and even chocolate to make some healthy and light snacks that are low on cost. Look up recipes for popcorn and you’ll also find out how to make healthy popcorn balls using peanut butter.

5. Whole Wheat Bagels

If you have to have something more soft for energy, try whole wheat bagels which about $.67 each at the grocery store and can give you something soft to munch on in between lunch and end of day. Combined with natural hummus spreads or organic jellies, this can be a savory or sweet treat.


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