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Taking time to go outdoors is essential to living a healthy life with your family. For those hot afternoons, heading out to the lake or just hanging out in a serene park can provide some necessary relaxation. Picnics are just one way to get outside and enjoy a scenic place without really spending too much. To that end, there are plenty of ways to eat a picnic meal without going over the budget. These are some healthy ideas for a budget-friendly picnic that is healthy and perfect for summer outings.

1. Ice Pops

Cool down with your favorite fruit flavors and ice. You can make these with a blender and any type of fruit. Strawberries, bananas and peaches make incredible ice pop flavors. Combine with a table of lemon juice and pour the mixture into ice cube holders, then freeze. Stick Popsicles in the cubes when halfway frozen or crush up for a fruity slushy.

2. Roll-ups and Sandwiches

With your favorite bread, cheese, hummus, lettuce and meat, you can create some tasty roll-ups or sandwiches that you can share with your fellow picnickers. This may be just the right time to try some other flavors like avocado, artichoke hummus and tomato sandwiches, or feta and grilled chicken. Serve with baked sweet potato chips.

3. Cucumber Minis

Slice cucumbers and spread chive cream cheese across the slice for the first layer. Top with thinly sliced turkey or ham, then add a piece dill and caper and top with another cucumber slice. Wrap up in a tray with plastic and place in your basket for a delicious treat. Partner with fresh squeezed lemonade and a bowl of fruit to get the complete basket.

4. German Potato Salad

Picnics can’t go without a good potato salad. A German potato salad is a less pricey version of the original. All you need is to season boiled potatoes with white wine vinegar, olive oil, parsley and little bits of bacon. Place in the fridge overnight and serve cold. This is a great side for roll-ups, sub sandwiches or grilled chicken salad.

5. Deviled Eggs

If you need a cheap source of protein, eggs are a wonderful alternative to meat and also aren’t that expensive. Deviled eggs are also really tasty when the yolks are blended well and you use fresh paprika. Try out this recipe from As a main dish, serve with a rotisserie chicken, which can feed several and still have leftovers after the picnic.


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