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Food Stamps


The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program in Florida provides food stamps for low income families and is offered under the Department of Children and Families. Applicants have to meet certain standards and pass asset limit tests before being able to get food stamps in Florida. Once you receive these benefits, you also get an electronic benefits card (EBT) card, which deposits the funds each month onto a card that works like a debit at participating stores. Florida has a pretty simple process for getting on SNAP. The quickest way to getting food assistance is by applying online and answering the call for your interview on time.

1. Know Your Eligibility

You have to be a legal resident of Florida and have an income below 130 percent of the federal poverty line. The amount that you receive also depends on how many people live in your household. You receive more if you have over three family members. You also receive more benefits if you have an elderly or disabled household member. If you’re not sure about your eligibility or how your assets will count against you, you can check out Florida’s eligibility tool.

2. Apply Online

The process for getting food stamps in Florida requires that you go in person or online to apply. Applying online is simple. You just visit and click “Apply for Benefits.” The system will walk you through every step and requires that you fill in some personal information, which includes your social security number and those who are living with you.

3. Answer the Interview Call

After you apply, you may receive a letter stating that you need to answer an interview or you may just receive a phone call for an interview. In either case, be ready to answer this phone call and answer any questions related to your household and income. You should call after you have applied online within three days to confirm and schedule an interview if you’re not sure whether you’ll be home at the time of the interview. In any case, you can still call DCF back to reschedule or do an interview if you miss the call.

4. Documentation and Verification

In some cases you’ll be required to go to the office and verify your status and income. That means bringing your pay stubs, bills, bank information and other proof to show your living arrangement and that of others living with you. If you have an elderly or disabled person living with you, you’ll need to bring proof of their status as well.

5. Receiving Aid

If approved for food stamps in Florida, you’ll receive an EBT card in the mail, which will contain your first month’s food stamp benefits. You’ll need to activate the card before using it. Once you have the aid, you’ll receive it on the same day each month. You will be able to use the card like a debit at grocery stores and other places that sell food that participate in SNAP.


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