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You don’t have to skimp on taste or nutrition or good food if you have a large family and are shopping on a shoestring budget. These recipes on this list are creative and intelligently combine different sources of nutrition all for under $10, an amazing deal if you’ve got multiple mouths to feed. Whether you want to use potatoes and chicken or you love a good pork tenderloin, these dishes look at a variety of different recipes and just break it down into something more budget-friendly. Each recipe comes with a price per serving so you know about how much it’s going to cost at the grocery store. Here’s seven different meals for next week that are on the cheap.

1. Roasted Chicken with Butternut Squash and Potatoes

At just $1.62 per serving, this is a robust dinner that will yield about 3 ounces of chicken and ¾ cup vegetables and costs about 400 calories per serving. You can find the entire recipe for this cheap dish here. It’s highly rated, of course.

2. An Adult Classic: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This is a new look at the grilled cheese that combines red onion, garlic clove, shredded reduced-fat sharp white cheddar, white bread, fresh spinach leaves, tomato and center cut bacon. It’s about $2.15 per serving but delicious. Check out the recipe here.

3. Pork Tenderloins in Mushroom Sauce

This recipe is a delicious lunch or dinner treat that costs about $2.50 per serving. All you need is some button mushrooms, Dijon mustard, olive oil, pork tenderloin and white wine vinegar to really make it shine. You can see the whole recipe here.

4. Shrimp, Grapefruit and Avocado Salad

Ready for something amazingly tasty and nutritious? This salad is just $2.50 per serving and combines medium-sized shrimp, grapefruit, terragon, brown sugar, shallots and avocados for a deliciously healthy lunch or dinner. Check out the full recipe here.

5. Baked Italian Cauliflower

Want to get your family to eat vegetables for $2.50 per serving? Try this Italian take on a cauliflower dish. This dish combines ground sirloin, red pepper, marinara, kalamata olives and cauliflower with romano cheese for a bowl full of Italian-tasting dreaminess. Find the highly rated recipe here.

6. Blue Cheese Stuffed Pork Chops

For something a little different, try this take on a classic American dish for just $2.41 per serving. This recipe takes boneless center cut loin pork chops, crumbled blue cheese, olive oil and ripe pears to a whole new level. This is a dinner for the more adventurous child eater but adults should love this tasty treat. See the recipe right here.

7. Lentils and Lamb

Lentils are amazingly cheap and don’t take a lot of effort to cook. At just $2.33 per serving, this dish combines lean ground lamb, red curry powder, cumin, carrots, jalapenos, tomato paste, garlic, brown lentils and chicken broth into a delicious dinner. See the full recipe here.



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