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Food Stamps


Coupons can save you a ton of money, but how can you use these methods to get food for extra low prices or even free? There’s a few tricks to food shopping that the grocery stores aren’t too keen on telling you. You can also turn sales and deals into free food for amazing dinners and lunches, even snacks for your kids. So what’s the secret? Try these ideas to get some meals for extremely cheap.

1. Where to Buy

There are stores with cheaper food prices, such as Save-A-Lot, Bi-Lo, Dollar General, Wal-Mart and Big Lots. These stores also frequently have weekly deals and coupons that you can find in-store or online. These are the places that you will find the most budget-friendly food stuffs. In addition, look for stores with incredible coupon practices, places that will accept coupons from other stores and even double the savings on those coupons. You can call different stores and ask how many coupons they accept for different items, what stores they accept other coupons from and if they have a customer loyalty program.

2. Customer Loyalty Programs


You definitely want to join the customer loyalty program for all the grocery stores in your area. Typically, this is free and it allows you to rack up points with stores, gaining you bigger savings over time. Big Lots and Albertsons are two food stores with customer loyalty programs. In addition, these stores will also send you exclusive deals and events that you can participate in and save even more.

3. What Size to Buy


This depends on how much money you have on hand. You can start off looking at the smaller size, which may have a higher unit price, but in most cases, you can get the smaller size absolutely free by using a coupon. You should also try to buy in bulk, however, if you have the money to do so. The food will be cheaper, last longer and provide you with more for less. That’s the whole name of the game when trying to live on a hard budget.

4. Wait for Discounts

You can also save coupons for when there’s a deal. This goes along with looking online for more coupons for the same items and using the coupons together at stores. Normally, the cashier will just ring up items and the register really isn’t yet sophisticated enough to recognize that a coupon has already been used. This is just another way that you can get something for far cheaper or even free just by combining coupons.


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