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Food Stamps


EBT card changes have been part of many discussions related to food stamps, guidelines, regulations and the massive number of individuals applying for benefits. There are several reasons behind this. One of the main reasons is connected to the recent issues of misconceptions regarding cash benefits on EBT cards. There have been an increased number of individuals who believe that only food stamp benefits are available through EBT cards. This has led to several issues that have ended in violent outbursts and fraudulent claims of the misuse of food stamp benefits and EBT cards. One of the many solutions raised in debates and discussions related to food stamps has been the idea of separating food stamps and cash benefits.

How Would Separating Food Stamps and Cash Benefits Help?

Separating food stamps and cash benefits is being discussed because of the possible reduction in governmental cost for these programs. It is believed by some politicians, that separating food stamps and cash benefits would allow for strict guidelines on food stamps as well as better implementation of a cash benefit program. Cash benefits relate to child-support and any government cash benefits of the family may receive. Food stamps however relate only to certain amount of money allotted to a family for the purchase of food items.

Separating food stamps and cash benefits is believed to be a solution to several issues. One of the main issues is of course the budgeting related to the food stamp program. The other benefit is related to the regulation of food stamps is being discussed for healthier living for those on food stamps benefits.

How Would Separate Benefits Be Distributed?

The question of separating food stamps and cash benefits is primarily related to how separate benefits would be distributed. Currently any government benefits for food stamps, medical or cash related options such as child support are all handled through one centralized card known as the EBT card. As part of the EBT program a family would receive food stamps, cash benefits, child support or other related benefits is deposited directly onto the card for ease-of-use. By separating food stamps and cash benefits, distribution of these benefits may be increasingly difficult. The initial concept is that benefits would be separated onto separate cards and distributed as normal.

What Are the Costs of Separating Food Stamps and Cash Benefits?

The real issue with separating content and cash benefits is not distribution or is the separation of the two would help. The real question is the cost of separating food stamps and cash benefits. The solution seems simple enough. Beneficiaries would simply have one card for food benefits and another card for any government cash benefits. However, this means two separate cards with two separate ID numbers. This means that government agencies who would normally make deposits into one centralized location would now have to make deposits into two centralized locations. This means an increase in cost for implementing the separation program, training of the new program and ensuring that the new program runs smoothly prior to launch.

There are objections on both sides of the debate regarding separation of the benefit programs. The overall consensus is a separation of food and cash benefits on the EBT card would only be beneficial if it reduced the outbursts of violence due to misconceptions of the program and how people are using it, as well as is the separation reduced government costs and spending. It is unclear whether separation of food stamp benefits and cash benefits would actually lead to a reduction in budget or if it would lead to a reduction in misconceptions.


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