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Food Stamps


Last year, “Surfer Dude”, the 29-year-old aspiring musician who made headlines for using food stamps to buy lobster, made the news again when Jesse Watters of the Bill O’Reilly show caught up to him to chat about his lifestyle, public perception, and continued food stamps use.

The American public well remembers Jason Greenslate, the long-haired “surfer dude” who proudly proclaimed his taste for fine foods like lobster, and his willingness to use taxpayers’ dollars in the form of food stamps to pay for his high-priced habit. But as with any news story that doesn’t keep becoming fresh, Greenslate and his lobster soon faded from memory.

Until now.

Perhaps it was a slow news day at Fox, but Bill O’Reilly and Jesse Watters met with Greenslate to catch up and see where the latter is, and posted a video to their page on Fox. It turns out nothing much has changed with the musician as he proudly defended his choices while smoking and slurping alcohol in a Styrofoam cup on the beach.

Watters asked him questions about how he contributed to society, how the public perceived him and whether or not he agreed with them, with Greenslate tossing back answers like, “Just because my job [as a musician] is cooler than your job, people are a little more jealous than anything”, “I bring smiles to a lot of people with my music” and that critics were giving him “a ruler on the hand.”

Oh, and Greenslate also drives a Cadillac.

Whatever both sides think of food stamps, they can all agree on one thing: Jason Greenslate is scamming the system hard, proud to do so publicly, and is exactly the most wrong kind of person to be in the program. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the SNAP program was designed to give people a temporary, supplemental boost with their weekly groceries. It was never supposed to become a lifelong crutch where people worked just enough to qualify, but not enough to becoming contributing thriving members of society. It may not always work like that, but most of the time, it does.

But not only does Greenslate make a mockery out of a program that millions of people use for good purposes, he’s also let himself get swept away with delusions of grandeur. When Watters asked him if music was his job, the shaggy-haired surfer agreed it was, and that his expectation of it would be an income of “millions and millions of dollars, man.”

Well, maybe the American public should be agreeing with Greenslate on that one because if it’s true, the economy would get a big boost in taxes.

And the food stamps program would be free of one more lazy moocher.


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