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Being an employee in today’s economic climate is no easy task, as the number of solid, middle-class jobs are drying up quickly. As they do, the gap between the wealthy and poor grows wider, with more and more joining the latter in startling numbers. However, there are a number of companies out there with decent enough annual revenue to avoid sending their workers straight into a food stamps line…but don’t. Here they are.


Walmart made $10 billion in web sales last year, an increase of 30.3% from the previous year. In terms of net sales for 2013, that number was a huge$274 billion. So what’s their reason for paying their employees so little, they feel they have no choice but to host their own food drive? They claim they’d have to raise prices, but Forbes has calculated that hiking the minimum wage to $12/hour would only mean a one-time price increase of 1.1%.

It’s pretty hard to listen to any rationalizations that come out Sam Walton (founder of Walmart) six heirs’ mouths: together, they’re valued at $144.7 billion. Just wondering — did they have to rise to their pedestal on minimum wage, or did their father help them out with his riches and advantages?


They caught huge flak when they released their budget guide and advised their own employees to get a second job to cover the gaps, and budget only $70 for health insurance and heating (not to mention the $600/month for mortgage or rent). Since then, they’ve changed their tune…by telling their own employees to look to the government for help.

While Walmart continues to hold up the pretense that their jobs pay for enough, McDonald’s is saying in not so many words their jobs don’t. Reading between the lines, McDonald’s’ message is “we won’t pay you enough, so fill out a welfare application the same time you fill one out for us.”

Dollar General

For anyone who’s looking for a job that pays minimum wage, doesn’t mind getting their hours cut, and has full availability year round because they don’t want a second job, stop reading this article and head to your nearest Dollar General to apply.

For everyone else, your average salary will be $7.51/hour, which is $15,620.80 for the year. Want to know what your future CEO pulled in a couple years ago? A total of $1.94 million, or 125 times what you’d see on your paycheck.

Radio Shack

This entry is almost the same as the previous one, except you can expect to make an extra 21 cents an hour while your CEO goes to sleep with visions of $5.6 million dancing in his head. And if you think being promoted to a manager will net you more take-home pay, you’d be right — because having to work 50-60 hours a week does that.


Working in retail doesn’t seem to be a path to comfort and security, so maybe you’ve started looking at service jobs, like internet and telecom. However, you may want to stay away from the place Businessweek called “The Meanest Company in America”.


For starters, they pay extremely poorly. Other reasons include not being adequately compensated for tough work conditions, rude behavior from management, and horrible benefits.


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