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The Cabinet for Health and Family Services oversees the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for Kentucky. This is a food benefit program that allows people with little to no income to afford healthy food and nutritional diets. In this way, Kentucky helps others provide healthy meals for their families and allows stores to participate by accepting EBT cards with SNAP benefits. In low income households for Kentucky, hunger is a major issue, but the state is working to allow individuals and families to possess the buying power that they might not have with just the standard income. On Kentucky's Cabinet for Health and Family Services webpage, you can find the program's overview as well as answers to multiple questions regarding food stamps, such as eligibility, application requirements, how you apply for benefits and how to use the SNAP benefits. You can also ask about getting a new EBT card if yours is lost or stolen, or if you were approved, but never received your food stamp card. You may also want to look at the list of local DCBS offices, which you can visit to pick up an application or find out more information about food assistance in Kentucky.

Applying for Food Stamps

It's important to know if you are eligible for receiving food stamps. There are some groups who may have low incomes but still will not qualify for food stamps. These include those who are not U.S. citizens and person who are on strike. You can find the application for food stamps at any local Family Support office, which you can find by county. The directory will give you a list of phone numbers and addresses where you can visit to fill out an application. You must also go through an interview with a case worker to determine your eligibility and household size. If you qualify, you may receive aid for food within 7 days of applying. The head of your household, however, must be the one to apply in person. You can also download and print an application prior to going to the local by clicking here. Once you fill out the application, you can fax or mail the application to a local Department for Community Based Services office. Use the links above to find an office near you. You also need to go to the interview. You will be contacted by a representative after your application has been processed. During this interview, you will need proof of who you are and who lives in your home, proof of state residency, proof of child care costs and proof of money you have gotten in the past 60 days, which includes check stubs.

Receiving Food Stamps

Any household that meets the basic income and other requirements is eligible to receive SNAP benefits. In Kentucky, a household is define as any person, family or group of people who live and buy and eat food together. Adult children older than 21 who live with their parents may also qualify separately for food benefits if they purchase and prepare food separately from parents. Adult siblings who live together but not with their parents, who purchase and prepare meals separately may also have separate SNAP benefit accounts. There is also a few people that must be included in one household account: spouses of any household member, parents living with their natural, adopted or stepchildren who are age 21 or younger, or children younger than 18 who are dependents of an adult household member. Your eligibility is largely determined by your monthly income and household size, as well as assets. You can find out more about these limitations by consulting your local DCBS office. The basic eligibility requirements are U.S. citizenship, work registration, resources and income. Once you have been approved, you will receive an EBT card in the mail as well as an approval letter. You can use the EBT card like cash at any food stamp retailer in Kentucky.

Finding Food Service Locations

SNAP is the federal name for the food assistance programs. Every state has multiple SNAP locations. In fact, every county should have multiple locations where you can use your card. You can find specific locations near you using the SNAP retailer locator on the federal website. You can contact (502) 564-7050 for a list of SNAP and food stamp retailers, as well as request forms or an address for the nearest DCBS office in Kentucky. You can also go online to check the status of your application or check your EBT account through this link.




What income do you need to have in order to be eligible for food stamps in Kentucky?

Below is a list of the maximum yearly income level you must have (in relation to the number of members in the household) in order to qualify for food stamps.
1 = $15,444
2 = $20,826
3 = $26,208
4 = $31,590
5 = $36,972
6 = $42,354
7 = $47,749
8 = $53,157

Can I apply for food stamps as a college student?

According to, most students who are able-bodied and between the ages of 18, and 49 and are enrolled in college or other institution of higher education, are NOT eligible for SNAP benefits.  

How fast can I get my food stamp benefits?

Expedited benefits in Kentucky can be received in as little as 5 days, which is 2 days faster than the expedited food stamp services in most states. Otherwise, applications are usually processed within 30 days. 

Can someone help me fill out my application?

Yes. There is a section in your SNAP application that allows you to assign a representative. Your representative has the ability to fill out your application, give information at your interview, answer questions for you. Your representative will also be able to purchase food on your behalf with your EBT card.

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