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In Alabama, the Food Assistance Division is under Alabama's Department of Human resources, which handles all services for food stamps with SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). The eligibility regulations are determined by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Nutrition Service. SNAP is an award winning program, receiving the federal award participation grant awarded by the USDA. The grant provided more assistance for families being helped by food assistance in Alabama. By providing this program, the state seeks to end hunger and also improve nutrition for its citizens. Eligible low income families may take advantage of food stamps, which gives them the ability to buy healthy food and receive benefits. SNAP eligibility is determined by a number of factors, but in general, low income families need food services the most. Needy families apply for assistance in the county in which they live.

Applying for Food Stamps

There are several ways to apply for food stamps in Alabama. You can use a fax machine, postage mail, or physically bring in an application to a county department of human resources office near you. You can print an application from the SNAP web page located here. You can also apply for food stamp benefits through an online platform via However, to apply online, you do need to register an account. Once you finish filling out the application, your finished application is sent to the Department of Human Resources office in the county for where you reside. If you have issues with filling out the application or do not understand the directions, you can also watch a training video located here.

Receiving Food Stamps

Once you complete an application, it has to be processed, but you should be aware of the eligibility requirements and understand that you may not qualify for benefits. Eligibility is determined by income and household size. You may also be contacted by a represented at SNAP to further access your eligibility. You should explain complications with your situation and be completely honest about your financial income. You can use the USDA benefit calculator located here to find out more about your eligibility. If you have further questions about your eligibility, you should consult the frequently asked questions page for the food assistance division located here. Food stamps are delivered through an EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) account, which is a card that you can use at grocery stores to purchase food items. You can also find out more information through the frequently asked questions page. After your application is approved, it takes one to two weeks to receive the benefits.

Finding Food Service Locations

SNAP retailers are located all across Alabama. You can look for a location nearest you through the SNAP retailer locator on the USDA Food and Nutrition Service website. Just click "Select Location" and enter your address. Locations will pop up nearest you that you can select and view the address for. Any of these locations will accept EBT as a form of payment for eligible items. To talk to someone at the Alabama Department of Human Resources, you can call (334) 242-1700 or write to:

Alabama Department of Human ResourcesFood Assistance Division50 North Ripley StreetMontgomery, Alabama 36130

What income do you need to have in order to be eligible for food stamps in Alabama?

In Alabama, your food stamp eligibility depends on your household size and maximum income level per year. Below is a list of yearly income levels as they relate to household size:

1 in household     $15,444
2 in household     $20,826
3 in household     $26,208
4 in household     $31,590
5 in household     $36,972
6 in household     $42,354
7 in household     $47,749
8 in household     $53,157


How do you apply for food stamps in Alabama?

To apply for food stamps in Alabama, you can fill out the Food Assistance Application offered by the State of Alabama Department of Human Resources located here:


What amount of food stamps benefits will I receive in Alabama?

Once you start receiving your food stamps benefits, they will be issued on a "EBT" card. The amount that you will receive on your EBT card will depend on your income and the number of people living in your household.

*Gross Income Limit If not Elderly or Disabled *Max F.S. Benefit for Everyone
1 person: $1,265    $194
2 people: $1,705    $357
3 people: $2,144    $511
4 people: $2,584    $649


What can I do if I’m denied my food stamps claim in Alabama?

Food Stamp appeals can be filed once you are aware of why the request was denied in the first place. Sometimes a denial can be issued because of a clerical error, but usually applications are denied because of a lack of eligibility requirements.  


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