Food Stamps


Apply for Food Stamps

You can apply for food stamps by obtaining an application online or at your local Social Security office. You'll need to fill out the food stamps application and return it to your local food stamps office, or in some states you can fill out the food stamps application online. You'll need to check with your state's food stamps office for the exact instructions on how to apply for food stamps, or you can call your local Social Security office for help with applying for food stamps.

When you apply for food stamps, you'll be required to answer a number of questions related to your identity, household information and income. The information you'll typically need to provide when applying for food stamps includes your name, contact information, gender, marital status, citizenship, monthly household income and expenses, information on other household members, children and dependents, and any household resources such as bank accounts, investment accounts and cash. You may also be required to submit supporting documentation and come to a face-to-face interview.

As long as you meet the eligibility guidelines and are a U.S. citizen, you will be able to get food stamps. Once you apply for food stamps, it will take the food stamps office anywhere from four days to several weeks to determine your eligibility and the amount of food stamps you qualify for. Your food stamp benefits will be paid via electronic benefit transfer, or EBT, and you will be mailed an EBT card that works much like a debit card and can be used to buy food at grocery stores, markets, and convenient stores, among others.

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