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When you first found out you were pregnant you may have had to receive a confirmation from the local health department. You would have gone through the steps to obtain Medicaid, WIC and SNAP benefits. During the next 7 to 9 months, depending on how far along you were when the pregnancy was confirmed, you would be on SNAP. The problem comes in when the baby is born. You know that the baby will be added to your SNAP benefits file. You also know that you will receive more benefits that are for the babies formula and other nutritional needs. What you may not know is how to add the newborn to SNAP. Here are the steps involved.

Contact the Case Worker

You will need to contact your SNAP benefits case worker as soon as the baby is born. You may do this at the hospital or you may wait until you are home. Contacting your case worker may be simple or it may be incredibly difficult depending on their case load. Assuming you can reach them, they will guide you through the rest of the process. If you are unable to reach them you will need to take a few more proactive steps.

Gather the Documents

In order to add your newborn to SNAP you will need certain documents from the hospital. The first is the proof of birth. This may or may not be the official birth certificate, however it will convey the information on your child and the fact the baby was born to you. This will prove that you are not trying to scam the system and that the baby does in fact exist. Other documents may be required such as social security paperwork or, in some states, Medicaid paperwork. If anything has changed, such as your address, you will need to supply documentation of that as well.

Fax, Mail, or Make an Appointment

When you have the required documents that either the case worker, state website, or administration of the SNAP office told you to obtain then you can move forward. You will need to either fax in, mail in, or make an appointment to bring in the documents. At that time the case worker will review the documents and add the newborn.

Remember, each state requirement is different. In order to make sure you have all the proper documentation you will need to contact the SNAP office in your area. If you cannot reach your case worker, a representative should be able to point you in the right direction.


ms l
# ms l
Friday, July 26, 2013 2:59 AM
I had a baby in January & i had my apartment complex staff fax over the paper work to my worker.along with the change report.At first she was claiming she didn't get the fax,but i told her we have the fax recipe as proof and the office staff as witnesses.Then i contacted the district manager,but shes refusing to return my call.Its now February & my worker is refusing to add my newborn to receive food stamps.

I am disabled and money is very tight now that my baby doesn't have foodstamps to buy formula.I can go without a dinner or two so i can buy the formula,but i don't want to become sick. Inster dhs office in Michigan is the worst place ever.My worker is abusing her authority and neglecting and abusing my newborn baby.Help!
Anonymous User
# Anonymous User
Friday, July 26, 2013 2:59 AM
Hi Ms. L,

Please contact WIC immediately:

After you've contacted WIC-- please find the nearest food bank here:

After this-- schedule an appointment with your local SNAP office and bring all the paperwork in person to go over your change request.

Good luck and congrats on the baby

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