Food Stamps


Some months, you may notice that you always have a small amount of benefits that you don't completely use after you have finished with your grocery shopping. Although the food stamp program is never specifically clear about what happens with these benefits, it's easy to understand what the general and final result is. In most cases, your benefits will roll over to the following month so that you can use them that month instead. This can be very helpful for those months when you may need a little more assistance with food than you would have normally anticipated and particularly around holidays.

In fact, because the majority of benefits roll over when they have not been used, there are many people who apply for benefits and use them as a supplemental aid to help with paying for their groceries. What isn't used will eventually roll over into the balance for the next month of benefits and that amount can be used to purchase more groceries. For those who use food stamps as a supplemental option, this can be very helpful because they always have the peace of mind of knowing that they have benefits that they can use if their general low income hasn't been able to cover everything that they needed to purchase for their groceries.

In a situation where the individual doesn't need food stamps anymore, the benefits usually remain on the card even after that point. Most states make a point to tell recipients that they should keep their EBT card even if they don't need food stamps because they will generally be using the same card and account information in the future if they decide to reapply. In this sense, whatever remains from your previous balance prior to the end of your food stamp benefits will remain on the card. In some cases, people who have recently finished their use of the program may still have benefits available on the card which they may refer to and use until the balance is gone – though this does not mean that they are reinstated into the food stamp program or that more benefits will arrive in the following month when this final amount has been used.

Regardless of how unused benefits may roll over to the next month, there are many families who are still struggling to make ends meet even when having used all of their benefits for each month. In fact, there are more families who continue to struggle while using food stamps than those who ever see their benefits roll over for additional use as a new month progresses. For this reason, there are many who feel as if the funding for the food stamp program should be increased because there are a large amount of low income families who are still struggling to provide enough food for their children and other members of the household, even with full financial assistance from the government.


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