Food Stamps


One in seven Americans is on food stamps. If you’re one of the millions, knowing where you can use them in exchange for food can be a tricky proposition. We’re all familiar with the big stores, like Walmart and Kroger’s, but what about using them online? Here’s a list of stores that accept EBT cards online, adding an element of convenience for you.


Order your food online, by phone, using their mobile app, or with a sales rep at your day, and use your EBT card to pay for the groceries. They only charge $1.75 on deliveries of any size, and their delivery times range from morning to night. You have to set up a profile in order to get started, but it’s super easy after that and available for people in the lower 48 states.

Fresh Direct

At the time this article was written, is in the midst of a pilot program where zip codes 10454 and 10455 in the Bronx will be able to use their EBT cards on groceries. As with most sites, consumers create a profile; when it comes time to pay, they select the EBT option on the checkout screen. The minimum purchase is $30, but EBT shoppers won’t have to pay delivery fees, taxes or surcharges, but they will have to pay the New York bottle deposit. Other than that, the only other restrictions are on not delivering past the 5th floor on walk-ups, not delivering more than three cases of beverages past 4th floor walk-ups, and limiting the case sizes of beverages in general.

Fresh Madison Market

This online retailer happily accepts EBT cards, with free delivery seven days a week to 41 different zip codes in the Madison area. However, reading the small print a little further, it looks like it isn’t entirely free, as there’s a $4.95 “shopping fee”. Consumers who want to avail themselves of this service only have to register their zip codes and use a pin to sign in again, and be sure they’ll be home for the delivery time.


There’s a bit of a caveat that comes along with this selection, as their FAQ section specifies that only “a person of disability who uses EBT benefits” can use their card. Further, they have to email Safeway at, or phone them at 1-877-505-4040 to arrange home delivery service.


Often times, just calling up your local retailer and seeing if you can both shop online and use your EBT card can bring about surprising results. With EBT cards accepted at a wide range of retailers and so many of them finally getting smart about setting up websites, using food stamps to shop online may happen more than you think. Just be sure to give the grocery store a call before you fill up your online basket.